▼What time is check in?

From 4PM.

▼What time is check out?

Until 11AM. Until 11AM. In the case of cleaning or maintenance, we will ask you to go out from your room 11AM〜3PM.

▼Is it better to contact hotel/hostel if arrival time will be late?

Please be sure to contact us if arrival time will be after 11PM.

▼Is it possible to leave luggage before check in?

We keep your luggage from 6AM in the day of check in and we will pre-check in.

▼Is it possible to send parcel until the day before check in?

Yes, we accept that. We keep except for valuables, food and dangerous goods until your check in. Please be sure to write check in date and your name.

▼Are there toothbrush, razor and brush of amenity stuff in rooms?

There are shampoo, conditioner and body soap in common shower room and private bathroom by free. There are also toothbrush, razor and brush, etc. at reception for a charge. Also, a bath towel for a charge. Please note about that in advance.

▼Is there service for making bed?

Please make your bed by yourself. There are comforter with quilt cover, bed sheet and pillowcase on your bed.

▼Are there rooms for only females?

From 3rd rooms to 4th rooms. Please choose “only for females” when you book. However, the number of rooms are limited. Please note that if it is no vacancy.

▼Are there a shower and a toilet inside of rooms?

Unfortunately, there are no bathrooms in rooms. ※ There are bathrooms in only private rooms (2 people), private room B(4people), private room (6 people). Please use common shower rooms, toilets, and washrooms each floor. There are shampoo, conditioner and body soap in common shower rooms by free. Also, toothbrush, razor, brush and bath towel for a charge at reception.

▼Can I choose smoking room or non-smoking room?

All rooms are non-smoking rooms. Please note about that in advance.

▼ Can I use laundromat any time?

It is available 24 hours. There are a washing and a drying machine, a washing machine and a drying machine in 10th floor.

▼Are there parking lot?

Please understand there is no parking lot. Also, no alliance parking lot, please note about that in advance.

▼Is there a curfew?

Nothing particular but please be quiet and not to bother others in midnight.