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The epitome of traveling is the fact that you get to meet people, come across things, and spot a scenery you have never seen. We are here to help you find new ways to enjoy and connect with Japanese culture and tradition.

Our hostel floor is simple yet modern in design, and equipped with the latest facilities for your comfort. We have also prepared a lounge where not only our guests can relax but our locals can stop-by.

We want to offer a premium experience by welcoming everyone with a warm, meticulous service but keeping the overall style cool – an experience you will enjoy and makes you want to tell someone about. We are set out to provide a hostel where travelers can gather together and connect with each other both on a physical and emotional level.


The name of our hostel GRIDS is derived from our vision to create a place where people from all over the world and Japan can intertwine. The color of our logo is called suwo, a traditional color that is strongly associated with bustling down-town areas and the hip ways-of-life that surrounds it.
We want our guests to absorb our culture and tradition. We want travelers to connect with each other both on a physical and emotional level. These are the desires all of us at GRIDS have.


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At GRIDS, we are looking for friendly people who are interested in what we do. Get in touch!